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Administering First Aid for a Broken Shoulder Blade

Broken Shoulder Blade

Broken shoulder blades rarely occur in humans, as it is sturdy and situated in a protected location. Hence, when the shoulder blade breaks, there is usually an accompanying injury to the neighboring areas, including damage to the head, lungs, or spinal cord or broken ribs. Broken shoulder blades are generally caused by heavy force/direct trauma. The shoulder blade is also ...

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Croup: Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment


Croup is commonly related to signs of respiratory infection. It is the infection of the larynx and the trachea, also known as the voice box and windpipe, respectively. It is a common malady of children, especially between the ages of three months and six years of age. However, its peak is said to be at two years of age. Croup will ...

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First Aid Classes – Treating Severe Burns & Scalds

Treating Severe Burns & Scalds

First Aid Classes teach that severe burns and scalds are a medical emergency and must receive hospital treatment. There are high risks of significant fluid loss and high risk of infection. There may be bad tissue damage, or even damage to nerves, fat tissue, muscles, and blood vessels with deep burns. On recognizing a severe burn, you may notice the ...

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Treating Minor Burns

minor burns

Small burns and scalds can often be treated effectively at home and will heal well. First Aid Classes will give you knowledge of the treatment required. If the burns are superficial and cover less than 5% of the body surface (1% = area of patients palm) they can be treated by a first aider. Any more than 5% you must ...

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First Aid for Diabetic Emergencies

First Aid for Diabetic Emergencies

First Aid for Diabetic Emergencies For diabetics, too much or too little insulin in the body can cause life-threatening emergencies. Knowledge of first aid for diabetic emergencies is definitely helpful if you or your loved one is a diabetic. Diabetes is among the leading causes of morbidity worldwide. In the United States, an estimated 20 million people have diabetes, with ...

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Marfan Syndrome


Marfan syndrome is a disorder that involves the connective tissue that strengthens and holds the structures of your body. It affects many parts of your body since connective tissues are found in them. It is often found in the eyes, blood vessels, heart, bones and joints. The disease is hereditary. If a parent has Marfan syndrome, there is a 50% ...

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A Short Lecture for Limb Fracture


Fractures occur when the bones break. Open fractures are when the bone has broken through the skin or when a wound is present. A fracture is closed when there is no disruption of the skin. On the other hand, dislocations occur when there is an abnormal separation in the joints, where the bones meet. In all cases of fractures and ...

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Caring for a Patient Displaying Aggressive Behavior


It is not uncommon for victims of accidents to show signs of irritability, panic, anxiety, and confusion. You have to deal first with the victim’s emotions before you can actually provide care. You have to calm down the victim by showing composure and by providing reassurance. In most cases, the patient will be receptive to your help after you have ...

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Moving a Casualty

moving a patient

Here is a video about Emergency Medical Care : How to Lift & Move Patients [media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] Once the extent and severity of the injury have been determined, a decision must be made regarding how to safely remove the individual from the area. The individual referred to here is usually called a casualty or the injured participant. He/ ...

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Correctly Performing CPR in Emergencies


[heading style=”1″]Childcare First Aid explains the importance of performing CPR in emergencies correctly.[/heading] Nowadays, it is of utmost importance to always be prepared for absolutely anything. This is because we are all living in an increasingly unpredictable world that is full of perils. In times of emergency, proper preparation and training are of utmost importance. If one were to look ...

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