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Wilderness and Remote Fist Aid


Before you head out onto the outdoors, make sure that you know how to respond properly in case of emergencies in remote environments. Wilderness and remote first aid is essential for outdoor enthusiasts, scouts and scout leaders and anyone who spends great deal of time in remote places. What to Do In Case of an Accident There are many accidents ...

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First Aid for Chemical Splash in the Eye

Rinse Eye

Chemical burns sometimes occur when a chemical splashes into the eye or gets in contact with it. However, most injuries take place during accidents when the chemical splashes over a person’s face and when a chemical mishandles chemicals and rubs his eyes with contaminated hands. The severity of the injury depends on the duration of the exposure and the strength ...

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Managing Poisons During First Aid


In Heart and Stroke Foundation and workplace approved childcare first-aid courses individuals will learn how to provide care for persons and children which could be victims of poisons. Countless CPR and first aid attendants are nervous with caring for poisoned patients so this write-up will, with luck, streamline the rescue and give some expertise to volunteers and childcare providers. This ...

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Managing Children with Burns

Child Burns

Participants enrolled in childcare first aid programs will learn to treat and care for patients with sudden medical emergencies such as first, second and third degree burns. Try as you might, you and the children you care for cannot avoid any sudden medical emergencies. Best case scenario is for you to become preventative and well as being confident and knowledgeable ...

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First Aid Treatment and Care for Children with Seizures

Children with Seizures

Question: Are you capable of going through some fundamental steps for managing patients with convulsions? We work together with youngsters with autism and a few of the children receive convulsions. Individuals of seizures may be put into two unique different types. Convulsions can take place once in a lifetime out of a dramatic blow and / or strike to the ...

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