Childcare First Aid

Childcare First Aid

Childcare first aid courses are taught exclusively by a select number of provinciallyapproved training providers. St Mark James has two different childcare courses, Emergency childcare first aid and Standard childcare first aid. Both courses include training and certification in CPR level “B”. These first aid courses are either 10 hours in length (Emergency) or 18 hours in length (standard). These courses designed for people that work in the child care or daycare industry. It is also a very suitable course for individuals looking for more advanced babysitting training, beyond the workplace approved babysitter course, and for new parents. This course focuses on a number of first aid rescues and also involves CPR training. The CPR training included involves rescuing adult and child victims. Automated external defibrillator (AED) training is also part of the curriculum.

Childcare First Aid and CPR Registration

Childcare First Aid and CPR Registration

To register for a emergency or standard childcare first aid with CPR “B” course select your childcare first aid course location from the side menu bar or from the location tabs. Register for the course at the location of your choosing by filling out the form and guaranteeing a spot in the class. Registration can be done securely and conveniently on-line through our training partners.

First Aid Course Cost

First Aid Course Cost

The cost of a emergency childcare first aid course is approximately 75.00 dollars (varies depending on your location). A standard child care first aid course costs 130 dollars. Course fee includes workplace approved childcare manual, certification fee and all applicable taxes. Our training partners do not have any hidden fees.

Course Length

Course Length

The length of the Emergency Childcare First Aid course is 8 to 10 hours and the standard childcare first aid course is 18 hours. Participants are encouraged to check the provincial requirements for childcare certification prior to registering for a course. The local provider (found on our location page) can also explain the course that is needed in your area.

CPR level “B” is the only CPR option taught during a workplace approved childcare first aid course. This covers CPR for adults and children.
This first aid training includes the following topics
  • Introduction to the workplace approved
  • Preparing to Respond
  • The EMS System – How the chain of response works.
  • Check, Call, Care – St Mark James system of response
  • Airway, Breathing and circulatory emergencies – The A-B-C’s of CPR.
  • First Aid for respiratory and cardiac arrest – Includes Heart Attacks, Angina, Stroke, TIA, Major bleeding and shock.
  • Head and spine injuries.
  • Bone, muscle and joint injuries.
  • Environmental Emergencies – Includes
  • Poisons – Inhaled, injected and absorbed Poisons.

First Aid and CPR Training Locations

First Aid and CPR Training Locations

Our St Mark James training providers are located throughout Canada in convenient locations. Training locations can be found in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Hamilton. For more information about our training partners select your location from the side or main menu.

Learn valuable lifesaving skills by enrolling in St Mark James emergency or standard childcare first aid training with one of the providers found on our location page.


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