Childcare First Aid in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray First Aid offers prospective trainees quality childcare first aid training in Fort McMurray, Alberta for the most affordable rates. The Fort McMurray First Aid website has a complete list of available classes, along with corresponding rates and schedules. Students can use the registration form on the same site to sign up for a class. Ways to enrol include telephone calls, in person (walk-ins), and through the internet (e-mails, enrolment forms on the website).

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Fort McMurray First Aid

Rates are very affordable and paid in full during enrolment.

Managing a Nose Bleed with Childcare First Aid in Fort McMurray
Participants enrolled in workplace approved emergency childcare first aid courses will learn to manage emergencies such as nose bleeds.

Course fees are very cheap compared to other providers. They include taxes, certification expenses, and training manuals. Because the fees are paid in full during enrolment, students don’t worry about tuition while training.

Students who drop out are required to inform the staff at least 3 days beforehand to be qualified for full reimbursement.

Childcare first aid classes focus on childhood injuries and illnesses.

The core curriculum is centered on basic first aid for children, toddlers, and infants. Students are taught how to perform wound care, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). AEDs (automated external defibrillators) are machines that supply the heart with needed shock through pads on the chest. Injuries such as bone, joint, head, and spine injuries are also popular core topics.

The childcare first aid program is completed in two days, lasting 16-20 hours in total.

Certification cards are given to all students who are able to pass a program.

To pass, a student needs:

  • Complete attendance
  • 75 % or better on the exam
  • Good demonstration of skills

Wall-mount certificates are available upon request. These certificates are only valid for three years. Recertification is required before the certificate expires to keep it valid for another three years.

Recertification programs are held twice a week.

Recertification programs are available for the renewal of expiring or near-expiry certificates. Childcare recertification is 8-9 hours long but other provincial legislation still requires students to retake the entire course.

Private instructors can be booked for special training.

Students can book instructors for training at home or for special events like workshops and conferences. All instructors are certified by St Mark James so you’re assured of the best training. Send an e-mail or give a call to inquire about rates and schedules.

Did You Know?


Special treatment for special burns

  • Flushing with water for acids, alkali, and hydrocarbons
  • Topical or injectable calcium/magnesium salts for hydrofluoric acid
  • Oil or mechanical removal for sodium and lithium metal
  • Polyethylene glycol wipes for phenol
  • Flushing with copper sulfate for white phosphorus
  • Debridement for alklyl mercury

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