Childcare First Aid Courses in Edmonton, Alberta

Childcare First Aid in Edmonton

Childcare First Aid Courses in Edmonton, Alberta
Childcare First Aid Courses in Edmonton, Alberta

This provider is your best choice in childcare first aid training. It has become the top training service provider in Edmonton because of high quality training courses offered at the lowest rates in the area. Training courses, stand-alone classes, and recertification courses are available for enrolment. Private classes are also offered to trainees or big groups who require a separate training class. All classes are overseen by St Mark James so trainees get the best training possible. Other courses available with this provider include Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS), H2S awareness and food safety certification. To enrol for any of these courses or to enrol in St Mark James childcare first aid training in Edmonton click the link below or use the contact details provided.

Enrolment is quick and easy! Prospective trainees can enrol using the application form below or via e-mail. Telephone calls and walk-ins are also highly encouraged by Edmonton First Aid’s very helpful staff.

A complete list of classes and schedules can be found on the homepage.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding classes and schedules, you can reach Edmonton First Aid using the information below.

  • Telephone: 780-809-0829
  • Email:
  • Address: Suite 200 7915 – 104 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, T6E 6M6
  • Website Address:
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The center is located south of Whyte Avenue. Amenities such as restaurants are within walking distance. Public transportation is also easily accessible from the center. The map below will give further details on the main training center.

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Training fees

Classes are offered at the lowest rates in Edmonton. Everything is included in the total fees – tuition, taxes, certification, as well as training manuals and equipment. Full reimbursements are given to trainees who do not complete the training course, provided a three-day notice was given to the staff.

Edmonton First Aid also offers a “no pressure” policy that assures trainees who do not pass the training course the first time can retake the course at no additional cost. The following is a break-down of some of the course costs in Edmonton

  • Standard first aid, CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” – 132.99
  • Emergency first aid, CPR level “A”, “C” or “HCP” – 89.99
  • Standard childcare first aid, CPR level “B” – 132.99

No hidden fees!

Offered programs

Training courses and classes are available almost everyday, with certain classes on the weekends. You’re sure to have no problems with scheduling. CPR training courses are offered in three levels. Different levels are for different age groups of victims of heart attacks (cardiac arrest).

Trainees are introduced to the different algorithms and pathways used in rescuing people who become unconscious and are suspected to have experienced a heart attack. The American Heart Association’s BLS for adults and children are use in the CPR and AED classes, with focus on the updated techniques and procedures.

Stand-alone CPR-only  classes are also available in the three levels mentioned previously. CPR A teaches students CPR for older (adult) victims while C and HCP teach students CPR for older and younger (infants, toddlers, school age children) victims. Classes are focused on skill development – including bandaging, bleeding management, and choking management, to name a few.

Pediatric BVM
Pediatric bag valve mask and infant training mannequin

Certification and renewal

All training courses are workplace approved certification courses. Trainees who are able to complete a training course are awarded a workplace approved certificate, valid for three years throughout Canada. Renewal of certificates can be done through recertification courses. This provider does not renew expired certification so be sure to get recertified before your workplace approved certificate expires.

Training Centers for Childcare First Aid in Edmonton

Training centres are equipped with the latest technology in workplace approved training for both children and adults. Classrooms are very well-maintained and spacious to provide the most comfortable learning experience for the trainees.

Special / Private classes

Private classes are available to trainees who are unable to enrol in any of the regular schedules. Big groups or companies who request a separate class and schedule can also enrol in a private class. This provider offers classes for special company events within the Edmonton area.

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Did You Know?

Eye injuries in children

In case your child’s eye is injured, bring them directly to the ER. Watch out and look for any bleeding, redness, blurry vision, and inability of the child to move his or her eye. If there is any bleeding, use clean piece of cloth or gauze and place light pressure of the eye to stem the flow. After treatment, you can use ice packs and pain relievers for swelling and pain. Eye injuries often look worse than they actually are, because there are numerous blood vessels on the face that get damaged and bleed profusely in an injury. If your child falls or gets hit in the face by an object or simply gets into an accident, be sure to perform basic first aid before bringing him or her to the emergency room.

Enrol in a St Mark James first aid program to learn more about recognizing, preventing and managing head and eye injuries!

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