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The best provider of standard childcare first aid and CPR level “B” training in the Ottawa area is Ottawa First Aid. Ottawa First Aid offers high quality training courses for the most competitive rates. Great customer testimonials, amazing service, experienced teachers and low prices make this provider one of the best in Ontario. Since 2009, Ottawa First Aid has been the most popular training service provider chosen by healthcare workers, childcare workers and laypersons alike. Participants that work in the childcare industry should register for standard first aid training which is required for most people in the industry. This provider also offers this course for individuals that want to renew expiring St Mark James standard first aid certificates. To enrol in a course in Ottawa today use the contact information provided below or the registration form.

Prospective trainees can enrol in the training course of their choice through the on-line application form below. E-mails, telephone calls, and walk-ins are highly encouraged by Ottawa First Aid’s very accommodating staff.

A complete list of class schedules can be found on the Ottawa First Aid website.  Click here to visit the Ottawa First Aid homepage.

Ottawa First Aid Contact Information

You can contact Ottawa First Aid for any queries through the information below.

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Competitive Rates

Helping a choking victim encourage coughing
Standard First Aid training and Childcare First Aid in Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa First Aid offers the most competitive rates in the area. Training course rates are inclusive of taxes, certificates, and workplace approved registration fees. Trainees don’t have to worry about additional expenses because training manuals and equipment are included in the initial enrolment fee.

For trainees who drop out of a training course, full refunds are given as long as a 72-hour notice is provided before dropping out. If a trainee fails a training course, he or she may retake the course at no additional cost.

Variety of Training Courses

CPR training courses are offered in A, C, and HCP. A is focused on adult victims while C and HCP cover both adult and pediatric victims. All training courses are inclusive of basic first aid and AED training. AEDs are machines that deliver needed shock to restart the heart during cardiac arrest.

Because of the recent updates in compression and defibrillation, the 2010 Basic Life Support (BLS) guidelines are the focus of the different training courses. The pathway has changed from A-B-C (airway, breathing, circulation) to C-A-B, because recent studies have shown that starting with chest compressions increased the survival rates of victims.

Basic first aid classes on first aid skill development are the most popular stand-alone classes offered by Ottawa First Aid. A variety of skills are taught to trainees – from bandaging to wound care. One of the most requested topics is how to manage bleeding injuries.

workplace approved Certification

All training courses are overseen by workplace approved so trainees who are able to complete a course are awarded a certificate valid for three years throughout Canada. Renewal of expiring certificates may be done through refresher courses. Prior to registering, participants are required to meet all of the prerequisites for first aid re-certifications.

Training Locations

Ottawa First Aid training centres are high-end and equipped with the latest technology in first aid training. Classrooms are spacious and well-maintained to assure trainees of the best learning experience possible.

Private Group Classes  of Childcare First Aid in Ottawa

Private classes are available to trainees who cannot enrol in any of the regular schedules. Big groups and companies who choose to have a separate class and schedule can also enrol in a private class.

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    Rashes and welts are very common in children, especially infants and toddlers. A child’s skin is very sensitive, and coming in contact with an allergen can cause a mild allergic reaction. Typical allergens are food, medicine, new clothes, soap, shampoo, sun screen, blankets, and changes in temperature. A rash, hive, or welt usually heals on its own but typically, physicians will recommend oral antihistamines to lessen the reaction and relieve the itching. Creams and lotions may help with the itching as well, but since the rashes are an internal reaction, it will help very little overall. If the child starts to have difficulty breathing and the swelling gets worse, head to the nearest emergency room.

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