Childcare First Aid in Mississauga

Standard and Childcare first aid training in Mississauga, Ontario
Standard and Childcare first aid training in Mississauga, Ontario

Standard, emergency and childcare first aid have been the most popular courses offered by Mississauga First Aid. A variety of workplace approved (WSIB approved) courses are available with this popular St Mark James training provider. Great customer reviews, low prices, clean classrooms, convenient locations and large number of courses have made this provider the most popular safety, CPR and first aid provider in Mississauga, Ontario.  Special rates are available for large groups, private classes and charitable organizations.  Customers can also register for food safety certification, WHMIS and TDG courses. Individuals that need to renew expiring award and meet the required prerequisites can attend workplace approved re-certification courses. To enrol in workplace approved standard, emergency or childcare first aid in Mississauga click the link below or complete the contact form provided.

Mississauga First Aid Contact Information

You can contact Mississauga First Aid with the information below. Mississauga First Aid’s very helpful staff will answer any questions you may have.

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Childcare First Aid Program Outline 

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for adult and child subjects
  • AED usage for adolescent and adult patients
  • Cardio and Respiratory Crisis Recognition and Control
  • Sudden Health and Environmental Childcare situations

There are three CPR and AED training levels: A, C, and HCP. All levels include adult CPR and AED training, while level C and HCP include pediatric CPR and AED training.

Trainees are introduced to the updated CPR and AED techniques in the 2010 Basic Life Support (BLS) guidelines. Because of the growing health care provider market, being competitive with updated skills is a must. Mississauga First Aid can give you that. Enrol today!

Training course rates

Training courses are offered at the lowest rates by Mississauga First Aid. No other training service provider offers more competitive rates. The initial enrolment fee is inclusive of taxes, certificates, and workplace approved registration fees, as well as training manuals and equipment used. Trainees don’t have to worry about any additional expenses.

Trainees who are unable to pass the training course the first time can retake the course at no additional cost. Full refunds are given to trainees who provide a 72-hour notice prior to dropping out.

workplace approved Affiliation

Mississauga First Aid is a workplace approved training service provider, with all classes overseen by workplace approved certified educators. Trainees who are able to complete a training course will be awarded a certificate valid for three years throughout Canada. Expiring and near-expiry certificates may be renewed in refresher courses offered at least twice a week. Participants must have a current workplace approved certificate in order to be eligible for re-certification. Prior to registering please contact this training provider to ensure that you meet the required prerequisites.

Training Facilities

The training facilities are well-equipped with high-end technology used in first aid and CPR training. The classrooms are spacious and well-maintained, to optimize the trainees’ learning experience with Mississauga First Aid. The training centers are also conveniently located near public transportation and restaurants.

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    Non-emergent causes of chest pain

    • Chest muscle pain or fatigue
    • Chest trauma/chest injury
    • Costochondritis: pain in and around the cartilage between the ribs and breastbone
    • Anxiety
    • Peptic ulcer disease
    • Gastrointestinal problems such as esophageal reflux, gallbladder pain, etc.

    To learn more about recognizing and managing 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns enrol in St Mark James standard first aid, CPR and AED training in Mississauga, Ontario today!

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