How Do I Know if My Childcare First Aid Certificate is Valid?

Fact Checked

Not Provincially Approved

Unlike standard, emergency and advanced first aid, childcare first aid programs are not governed by a provincial body. This makes it a little difficult to determine whether you certification is valid. The major three courses you can look up providers on provincial websites to determine whether they meet regulatory requirements. That is one way to look up the authenticity of the provider that is offering the course. If they are not listed as a provincially approved provider it may mean that they are completely unregulated and I’m not sure I’d have the confidence to take the course with them.

What about the Course Content

Most provinces provide a list of what first aid is required for childcare providers. British Columbia provides the list of requirements here. When looking at the list you’ll notice that for British Colombia the course content is identical to a emergency first aid course. For most other provinces, the content is identical to that of a standard first aid course. Essentially anyone that takes a standard first aid course will meet the requirements of what is needed for childcare providers.

I hope I was able to clear up the mud a little bit. When in doubt, take a standard first aid course with a reputable provide and let your employer know that if they look up the content of the course it will meet the requirements of a childcare first aid course.

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