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How Do I Know if My Childcare First Aid Certificate is Valid?

Not Provincially Approved Unlike standard, emergency and advanced first aid, childcare first aid programs are not governed by a provincial body. This makes it a little difficult to determine whether you certification is valid. The major three courses you can look up providers on provincial websites to determine whether they meet regulatory requirements. That is one way to look up ...

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Managing open wounds: 3 Basic Care Items

open wounds

Soft tissue injuries happen all the time. They are basically categorized as open wounds and closed wounds. Open wounds range from minor bruises and scrapes, to serious cuts, to even life threatening stab wounds to the abdomen. While waiting for medical assistance to arrive, you can help the injured person by providing immediate general care for open wounds. Specific care ...

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Children And Pet Allergies


Allergies occur when there is a negative reaction to the pet. Pet allergies are normally caused by feces, saliva, flakes of skin or urine. Contrary to what many believe, fur is quite harmless on its own but the ability of it trapping allergens like mold and dust is what posses harm. Children are more susceptible to suffer allergic reactions than ...

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What to Consider When Teaching Children First Aid

Teaching Children First Aid

Emergencies are an unavoidable part of life, and this is what makes it very important to know how to go about teaching children first aid. This can go a long way in ensuring the safety of the little ones as well as those who are around them. Isn’t it amazing just how kids seem to recover from their injuries within ...

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Heart Failure: Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

Heart Failure: Types, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

Heart failure is either due to the heart incapable of filling with enough blood or the heart not pumping with enough force resulting to inadequate blood supply. Heart failure is a condition where the heart is incapable of supplying enough blood to the whole of the body. There are two types, systolic dysfunction and heart dysfunction, which will be described ...

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The Importance of First Aid Training for Babysitters

Adult and infant training mannequins used in CPR training

When it comes to babysitting, child safety is a big responsibility that comes with this job. It does not matter whether you are caring for a neighbor’s kids or your younger siblings. For as long as small children have been left in your care, it is your role to ensure that they are secure. Of course, babysitters can do many ...

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Ear Injuries: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

ear pain

Ear injury refers to damage to the ear due to injuries to the outer ear, ear canal or ear drum. An ear injury that ruptures the ear drum may result in a significant loss of hearing in the casualty. A casualty with an ear injury may experience ear bleeding, ear redness, ear pain, ear bruising and ear swelling if the ...

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Excessive vaginal bleeding

vaginal bleeding

Excessive vaginal bleeding is also called heavy menstrual periods which refer to menstrual bleeding being heavier or more prolonged than usual. Excessive menstrual bleeding occurs towards the cessation of the menstrual period, called menopause. A heavy menstrual period may last for more than 7 days with a total amount of vaginal bleeding that is more than one third of a ...

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Catfish sting


Catfish can be easily identified by their whiskers which project from the region around the mouth. Cat fish are not fierce and aggressive fish. People are less likely to get stung by a catfish unless they disturb them while fishing or swimming in the water and thus, making contact with them. People who usually step on a catfish get stung ...

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Muscle strains


Muscle strains occur as a result of tearing or stretching of the tendons or muscles. Tendons are fibrous tissues that connect the muscles and the bones together.  People often experience strains in the lower back and in their hamstring muscle located at the backside of the thigh. Symptoms Some of the symptoms of muscle strains include: Pain Muscle spasms Swelling ...

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