Unintentional Injury Deaths for Children Under 1

Considering that injuries are the leading causes of child mortality or death in Canada, all parents and guardians should be aware of the most common causes of these injuries to prevent tragedy. However, knowing these causes is only half the battle since ensuring the survivability of children with minimal to no medical complications can only be done by knowing childcare ...

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Marfan Syndrome


Marfan syndrome is a disorder that involves the connective tissue that strengthens and holds the structures of your body. It affects many parts of your body since connective tissues are found in them. It is often found in the eyes, blood vessels, heart, bones and joints. The disease is hereditary. If a parent has Marfan syndrome, there is a 50% ...

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Caring for a Patient Displaying Aggressive Behavior


It is not uncommon for victims of accidents to show signs of irritability, panic, anxiety, and confusion. You have to deal first with the victim’s emotions before you can actually provide care. You have to calm down the victim by showing composure and by providing reassurance. In most cases, the patient will be receptive to your help after you have ...

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