Child Care First Aid Treatment

Infant choking


Choking is considered as a common cause of injury and death among young children due to their small airways that are easily obstructed. Babies will take time to fully master the ability to chew and swallow food and they could not forcefully cough to remove obstructions. Due to the curious nature of babies, they usually put objects into their mouths ...

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Croup: Cause, Symptoms, and Treatment


Croup is commonly related to signs of respiratory infection. It is the infection of the larynx and the trachea, also known as the voice box and windpipe, respectively. It is a common malady of children, especially between the ages of three months and six years of age. However, its peak is said to be at two years of age. Croup will ...

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Treating Minor Burns

minor burns

Small burns and scalds can often be treated effectively at home and will heal well. First Aid Classes will give you knowledge of the treatment required. If the burns are superficial and cover less than 5% of the body surface (1% = area of patients palm) they can be treated by a first aider. Any more than 5% you must ...

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Moving a Casualty

moving a patient

Here is a video about Emergency Medical Care : How to Lift & Move Patients [media url=”” width=”600″ height=”400″] Once the extent and severity of the injury have been determined, a decision must be made regarding how to safely remove the individual from the area. The individual referred to here is usually called a casualty or the injured participant. He/ ...

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Infant Reflux

Infant reflux or infant acid reflux is a condition in infants in which the baby may spit out the contents of the stomach, particularly a short while after feeding. Infant reflux or spitting up becomes less common in babies as they grow older and it normally does not occur after 18 months of age. Rarely, infant reflux indicates an underlying ...

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