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Prevent injuries with flexibility and strength training


Injuries are common among athletes in different types of sports. Strength training and flexibility exercises are two of the conditioning techniques most commonly used by athletes to promote muscle strength and prevent different forms of sports-related injuries, such as ankle sprains and lower back pains. If you are not an athlete, however, conditioning exercises like flexibility and strength training can ...

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Basic Information About Motion Sickness


Motion sickness is a term used to identify symptoms of nausea, vomiting and dizziness when travelling. This condition is also known as sea sickness, travel sickness or car sickness. Although motion sickness is not a serious kind of illness, the sensation is very unpleasant especially during travel. The symptoms of motion sickness may range from mild to severe and is ...

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Digestive Health – Gastroenteritis First Aid Care

Many people have already experienced diarrhea, but when this is accompanied by other symptoms like severe abdominal cramps and/or pain and vomiting, it may be caused by inflammation of the intestines and stomach. This condition is known as gastroenteritis, which is caused by rotavirus in children and campylobacter and norovirus in adults. Sometimes, gastroenteritis is also called stomach virus, stomach ...

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Rheumatic Fever – Cardiac Problem of Children

What is Rheumatic Fever? This inflammatory condition usually happens after a child has developed streptococcal throat infection, otherwise known as strep throat. Although most cases of strep throat do not lead to rheumatic fever, a prolonged strep throat (lasting for about two to four weeks) can likely develop into rheumatic fever. Basically, rheumatic fever is not contagious, but the strep ...

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Reality About Hypertension In Children

diaper rash

Hypertension Can Be Developed During Childhood Hypertension is considered as a condition that usually affects the adults, but as the individual ages, the prevalence of developing this disease even increase. This means that the likelihood of having a hypertension is more common in the older adult populace. And many of these adults have not known about their hypertension until they ...

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Common Misconceptions About First Aid

Myths have been a part of every tradition and culture. But the problem with myths is that most people still believe in them even if they are not true. In emergency cases, for instance, administration of first aid and other treatment management are also surrounded by myths that have no concrete scientific basis. Listed below are some of the most ...

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What You Need To Do In Case A Person Experiences Seizures

Consider this scenario A person beside you suddenly becomes stiff, goes unconscious and falls to the floor.  The next thing you know, he is already having some jerky movements along with the presence of a bluish tinge around his mouth. You also notice that the person is having irregular bowel or bladder control as he continues to twitch on the ...

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Five Common Sources Of Allergy


Allergens are the most common trigger for allergies. Therefore, avoiding allergens is the best way to prevent allergies. But there are instances when an individual does not know the source of allergic reaction, making it hard for him/her to avoid allergy from triggering. Below are the top five sources of allergy: Pollens – This is commonly referred to as “Hay ...

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Some Important Things to Know about Allergic Rhinitis

Epi-Pen for First Aid

Allergic rhinitis is characterized by the inflammation of the nasal passages. It happens when an individual, who has a hypersensitive immune system, accidentally inhales pollen, dust particles and other types of allergen, causing his or her airway to become inflamed. Allergic rhinitis is commonly known as “hay fever,” especially when the individual is allergic to the pollens of grass. Although ...

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