Breathing Emergencies

Close look on snoring


Snoring happens when the air cannot move freely through the nose and throat during sleep and the surrounding tissues vibrate and produces the familiar snoring sound. Everyone snores occasionally, but if it happens frequently, it affects the quality of sleep and also family members and roommates. In addition, it can cause poor sleep and fatigue during daytime. In some cases, ...

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Five Common Sources Of Allergy


Allergens are the most common trigger for allergies. Therefore, avoiding allergens is the best way to prevent allergies. But there are instances when an individual does not know the source of allergic reaction, making it hard for him/her to avoid allergy from triggering. Below are the top five sources of allergy: Pollens – This is commonly referred to as “Hay ...

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Some Important Things to Know about Allergic Rhinitis

Epi-Pen for First Aid

Allergic rhinitis is characterized by the inflammation of the nasal passages. It happens when an individual, who has a hypersensitive immune system, accidentally inhales pollen, dust particles and other types of allergen, causing his or her airway to become inflamed. Allergic rhinitis is commonly known as “hay fever,” especially when the individual is allergic to the pollens of grass. Although ...

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