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Common Non-Prescription Medications

Medication for Allergic Reactions

One of the most important aspects of childcare first aid is learning about non-prescription medications for children. This is because children have underdeveloped bodily systems which means that they are very sensitive to adverse reactions and complications which can be caused by inappropriate or improper medication administration. This is also the time wherein allergies are still being discovered by parents, ...

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Unintentional Injury Deaths for Children Under 1

Considering that injuries are the leading causes of child mortality or death in Canada, all parents and guardians should be aware of the most common causes of these injuries to prevent tragedy. However, knowing these causes is only half the battle since ensuring the survivability of children with minimal to no medical complications can only be done by knowing childcare ...

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Preventable Health Complications Through Childcare First Aid

Applying Gauze and a Drainage Dressing for a Wound on the Arm

Learning childcare first aid is a must for every parent or individual who is given the task of taking care of an infant or a child. This is because children are prone to acquiring different health complications due to their underdeveloped immune system and curiosity. Here are some of the health conditions that parents can avoid through childcare first aid. ...

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