Emergency Care for Victims

What You Need To Do In Case A Person Experiences Seizures

Consider this scenario A person beside you suddenly becomes stiff, goes unconscious and falls to the floor.  The next thing you know, he is already having some jerky movements along with the presence of a bluish tinge around his mouth. You also notice that the person is having irregular bowel or bladder control as he continues to twitch on the ...

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Things to Know About Eye Injuries

Eye Injury

The eyes are a very important sensory organ. Without vision, life can be really difficult. Knowing how to provide first aid for eye injuries can help prevent possible visual impairment. Since the eye is a very delicate and exposed organ, it is important to be always on the lookout to prevent blinding eye injuries. Eye injury ranks second in the ...

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First Aid Classes – Treating Severe Burns & Scalds

Treating Severe Burns & Scalds

First Aid Classes teach that severe burns and scalds are a medical emergency and must receive hospital treatment. There are high risks of significant fluid loss and high risk of infection. There may be bad tissue damage, or even damage to nerves, fat tissue, muscles, and blood vessels with deep burns. On recognizing a severe burn, you may notice the ...

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Providing Emergency Care for Victims of Crime

With the ever increasing number of crimes reported each year, it is not unusual if you encounter crime incidents. In most situations, victims of crime find themselves in a difficult situation. Usually, these victims are in a state of shock and do not know what to do right after the incident. Others may have even sustained injuries that require first ...

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