First Aid and CPR Training

The Importance of First Aid Training for Babysitters

Adult and infant training mannequins used in CPR training

When it comes to babysitting, child safety is a big responsibility that comes with this job. It does not matter whether you are caring for a neighbor’s kids or your younger siblings. For as long as small children have been left in your care, it is your role to ensure that they are secure. Of course, babysitters can do many ...

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Septic shock

Management of septic shock

Septic shock is the most common type of circulatory shock which is caused by widespread infection. Despite the increase sophistication of antibiotic therapy, the incidence of septic shock has continued to increase due to several predisposing factors that increases the risks of patients acquiring septic shock. Hospital acquired infections (infections occurring in the hospital setting), in critically ill patients that may ...

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Programs – A Short Cut to Becoming a Nurse


Taking up a nursing career seems to be a lucrative career. The pay is good, the working hours are flexible and the job is fulfilling. A fast and less tedious way to become a nurse could be taking a workplace approved program for Nursing Assistants. This way you can really know if this is career for you before going further ...

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First Aid Training in the Workplace

Training in the Workplace

You cannot predict when an accident or emergency can happen. But one thing you can do to ensure your safety: take a basic first aid training course. Accidents are unfortunate events that can happen any time and at any place. Simply put, no one ever wants it to happen. While you can prepare for such incidents, you can’t predict when ...

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AED trainer bag

Lichen sclerosus is an uncommon condition that creates patchy, white skin that is normally thinner than unaffected skin and any part of your body is susceptible to it. Lichen sclerosus may affect the skin on any body part, but most often involves the skin of the vulva, foreskin or the skin around the anus. Anyone is at a risk of ...

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Different Types of CPR Classes

CPR and First Aid Training Room

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is an emergency procedure that consists of a number of steps like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions. According to studies conducted by the American Heart Association, CPR can significantly increase the survival chances of a cardiac arrest victim. There are several types of workplace approved courses that are offered to people who want to learn CPR. ...

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Correctly Performing CPR in Emergencies


[heading style=”1″]Childcare First Aid explains the importance of performing CPR in emergencies correctly.[/heading] Nowadays, it is of utmost importance to always be prepared for absolutely anything. This is because we are all living in an increasingly unpredictable world that is full of perils. In times of emergency, proper preparation and training are of utmost importance. If one were to look ...

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