Teaching Children First Aid

What to Consider When Teaching Children First Aid

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Teaching Children First AidEmergencies are an unavoidable part of life, and this is what makes it very important to know how to go about teaching children first aid. This can go a long way in ensuring the safety of the little ones as well as those who are around them. Isn’t it amazing just how kids seem to recover from their injuries within seconds? While this is not to say that you shouldn’t teach them first aid, the fact that they are adaptable goes a long way in making them prepared for the worst-case scenario. At their level, a child will probably not be able to grasp intensive first aid techniques, but the basics not only ensure that they stay safe, it also promotes their confidence levels as they are aware of what to do. Below are tips which will come in handy when you need to know how to go about teaching children first aid.

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1)      Make sure that you let the kids know that their safety comes first. Simply put, let the child know that they can come to you even when they suspect they have done something wrong. This will banish the fear of punishment, and could be a lifesaver in some cases. While at it, appreciate them for doing so, and allow the situation to calm down before the child can be reprimanded.

2)      Ensure that kids know several ways of contacting 9-1-1 outside of using a cellphone. Let them know about options such as letting neighbors know or that pay phones don’t require money to make that call. Even yelling at strangers is a viable option for contacting 911.

3)      Try and add some creativity to the process of teaching children first aid. Children do not learn well in restricted environments, so make it fun. Use colored props to drive the message home. Engage in role playing, that is, act as though the child is the doctor and you are the patient. You could choose to make it a game of sorts, provided you get the point home. In a family setup, ensure that everyone participates so that the children are able to learn about the social aspect of first aid.

4)      Do not overlook the potential that the child has to learn. Presentation of the first aid information is critical if one is to get involved in teaching children first aid. Start with the simple techniques before proceeding to the more complicated ones. This will not only create a foundation, it will also help to ensure there is continuity of relevant information.

Teaching children first aid is not a difficult thing to do, but you will have to be patient especially if you are taking on a large group of kids.

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