Internal and external bleeding

Managing open wounds: 3 Basic Care Items

open wounds

Soft tissue injuries happen all the time. They are basically categorized as open wounds and closed wounds. Open wounds range from minor bruises and scrapes, to serious cuts, to even life threatening stab wounds to the abdomen. While waiting for medical assistance to arrive, you can help the injured person by providing immediate general care for open wounds. Specific care ...

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Nosebleed-first aid

Even though nosebleeds are quite common, most often they are considered as a nuisance and not an actual medical condition. Nevertheless, it can be both. Some children usually panic once they have a nosebleed while adults end up distressed during the condition, thus it is important to be familiar with the appropriate first aid care. How to take care of ...

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Septic shock

Management of septic shock

Septic shock is the most common type of circulatory shock which is caused by widespread infection. Despite the increase sophistication of antibiotic therapy, the incidence of septic shock has continued to increase due to several predisposing factors that increases the risks of patients acquiring septic shock. Hospital acquired infections (infections occurring in the hospital setting), in critically ill patients that may ...

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Excessive vaginal bleeding

vaginal bleeding

Excessive vaginal bleeding is also called heavy menstrual periods which refer to menstrual bleeding being heavier or more prolonged than usual. Excessive menstrual bleeding occurs towards the cessation of the menstrual period, called menopause. A heavy menstrual period may last for more than 7 days with a total amount of vaginal bleeding that is more than one third of a ...

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