Unintentional Injury Deaths for Children Under 1

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Considering that injuries are the leading causes of child mortality or death in Canada, all parents and guardians should be aware of the most common causes of these injuries to prevent tragedy. However, knowing these causes is only half the battle since ensuring the survivability of children with minimal to no medical complications can only be done by knowing childcare first aid basics. This is why it is important to read about the causes and the right childcare emergency basics as well. Here are the three most common causes of unintentional injury deaths for children under one year of age and how first aid techniques can help parents and guardians.

Checking the victim for breathing
Checking the victim for breathing

Breathing Problems

According to the study conducted by the Canadian Pediatric Society, 54% of unintentional injury deaths are caused by breathing problems. Aside from toys that are too small, this problem can also be elicited by allergic reactions which can cause the throat to close up due to inflammation which is quite common for children since allergies are still being determined at this age.

Car Accidents

These accidents are accountable for the 18% of children under one year old who died in 2007. The majority of these accidents are attributed to lackluster passenger safety measures for children who are riding with their parents or guardians. Aside from not using the right types of seats for children, child mortality or death is also caused by improper positioning. According to many experts, children should face the rear end of the car at all times during car trips. However, not many parents are aware of this fact.


This emergency is common for children, especially younger ones since their lungs are not yet fully developed which means that they are not as strong as the lungs of adults. Lack of swimming skills or knowledge is also one of the cause since these skills are not inherent in children. This is why drowning can also happen in bath tubs and not just in private pools and other larger bodies of water.

By taking childcare first aid basics, parents will know how to react in the face of danger. Instead of simply waiting for the ambulance to arrive during an emergency situation, they will be able to apply first aid techniques which can increase the survivability of their children despite these grim numbers. Through these classes, they will also learn how to prevent these common causes by being aware of the right safety measures that they should follow on a daily basis.

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